Maintenance & Services


I.H.S. main feature is particularly arrowed towards the maintenance and services department, where its importance emanates from our choice of professional multi-cultural background engineers with ongoing training and updates as we believe an efficient, effective and productive team favorably reflects on our sustained business growth and vision.

The service delivery model at I.H.S. combines both factory trained local service engineers, supported by second level service and application professionals from the principal companies we represent.

Our customer service integrates personalized care with an advanced technical support engineered to speed-up a proactive preventive care throughout the life span of supplied systems, increasing systems’ reliability and minimizing downtime.

We are committed to continuous improvement in quality, customer focus and follow up to guarantee an optimum level of customer satisfaction. Our major activities encompass the 24/7 service, continuous product and application training, technical support including management of hardware & software updates, and on site visits to all escalated events.