Medical Department


I.H.S newly established department’s mission encloses the development of several strategic, complementing and non-conflicting partnerships offering superior, niche and innovative products and services. The department has established 3 Business Units.


Point of Care Testing

Point of Care Testing (POCT) unit intends to encourage time and place convenience as well as cost efficiency to our customers and end-patients, bringing the department objectives closer to achieving the Company’s overall mission. The first driver of this unit is ThermoScientific-Samsung, one of the leading player in this sector.


Surgical & Wound Care

This unit offers a wide range of supplies, including surgical instruments, stapling, endoscopy and an array of care that ranges from advanced wound & skin care to infection control.


Medical Equipment

The Medical Equipment Unit, supplies superior medical devices to ENT, GYN, CSSD and infection control, surgical, blood irradiation and many others. I.H.S. foresees a fast growth and diversification to cover several fields and activities in the supply and service of medical equipment/ devices.